About the AamJanata community

The AamJanata community is an attempt to find an online social discussion space for subjects where serious discussions are often vitiated by malicious trolling or disinformation. The increasing need to find like minded people to have productive discussions with has resulted in this experiment.

Membership of the community is strictly by invitation only, and membership can be revoked at the discretion of admins. This is a private, invitation-only space that doesn’t make any claims to being unbiased or representative of all perspectives. The attempt is to see if deeper conversations can be achieved if defending one’s right to have a view doesn’t become a constant struggle.

If you would like to have membership of this site, and know someone who is a member here, you could ask them to invite you. Alternatively, you could email register@aamjanata.in with a brief introduction to yourself and why you would like to be a part of this community. Please note that sending an email is no guarantee of getting membership.